Dyslexia & Reading Services

Dyslexia & Reading Services are available for children who have difficulties learning to read and/or spell. Dyslexia is a learning disability that is characterized by a child’s difficulties in learning to read despite normal intelligence. Symptoms include difficulties in sounding out words, reading words fluently, spelling, reading comprehension, and writing. OWLS Therapy uses a variety of programs to best match your child’s individual needs. 

The Lindamood-Bell® programs of LiPS®, Seeing Stars®, and Visualizing/Verbalizing® are used to target decoding (sounding out of words), spelling, and reading comprehension.

  • The LiPS® (Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing) Program teaches children the oral- motor movements associated with each sound. Children then learn to identify, label, and sequence the sounds to develop the skills needed to read and write. This program helps children experiencing difficulties in recognizing the difference between phonemes, blending sounds, and spelling.

  • The Seeing Stars® program aids in the development of symbol imagery. Symbol imagery is the ability to visualize the letters contained in a word. This program helps children experiencing difficulties in memorizing sight words, sounding out words, spelling, phonemic awareness, and reading fluency.

  • The Visualizing and Verbalizing® Program targets a child’s ability to formulate words into pictures to aid in language and reading comprehension. This program helps children who have difficulties with reading and listening comprehension, critical thinking and problem solving skills, following directions, memory, oral language expression, writing, grasping humor and interpreting social situations.