Welcome to OWLS Therapy!

Thank you for checking out the blog. It is the hope that here you can find information, fun activities, and useful tips to help aid in your child’s speech and language development! Today, I wanted to go over what exactly speech therapy is. Sometimes it feels that all we are known for are lisps and stuttering! While those children are definitely part of our caseloads, we are so much more!

A speech language pathologist can help with:

  • play skills

  • attention difficulties

  • cognitive skills 

  • literacy skills

  • voice difficulties 

  • difficulties with feeding and swallowing

  • receptive and expressive language delays

  • articulation errors

  • and of course, lisps and stuttering! 

A licensed speech language pathologist (commonly referred to as a speech therapist or a speech teacher) must hold a Master’s degree in communication disorder sciences and a current, valid state license. We are required to maintain our knowledge and stay up to date with current research with continuing education classes. All this training provides us with a wealth of knowledge that allows us the ability to assess your child with a multi-faceted approach. We have training in anatomy, child development, and neuroscience. We also collaborate with teachers, doctors, dentists, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and audiologists to evaluate the whole child. For more information please click here.  

Next time: Red flags and when you should contact a speech language pathologist!